About Us

The Belfast Power-to-X (BP2X) project is a new clean energy system concept that will deliver lower cost energy to a wide range of consumers in and around Belfast City through a revolutionary business and market model that integrates different energy vectors from renewable power to minimise cost and maximise revenue streams and viability.

This will be achieved by converting lower cost curtailed and constrained renewables into green Hydrogen and Oxygen vectors (i.e. power-to-X, where X is Hydrogen, Oxygen, heat and power) for decarbonised heat, power, transport and water applications that can deliver maximum economic and societal impact with minimal environmental consequences. Apart from novel control of these energy vectors the integration of new applications, such as the following, makes this project unique and exciting:

• Carbon free shore power for Cruise liners,
• Hydrogen and heat use in the built environment and gas/transport networks and
• Oxygen use to decarbonise the water network.

Located at the heart of the city in Belfast Harbour, this project will drive regional innovation, urban regeneration, green tourism and jobs growth, supporting the new City Deal Smart district with a new clean energy system that will not only improve consumer costs, fuel poverty and city air quality, but revolutionise policy and regulation to increase the value for decarbonisation across the province’s heat, power and transport networks and act as a beacon for replication across the UK and the rest of the world.
The BP2X Clean Energy System, through the development and deployment of a smart distributed energy resource optimisation software platform will secure Renewable energy at minimal cost through the Integrated Single Electricity Market, I-SEM (which will reduce wind farm curtailment) to produce green Hydrogen and Oxygen at scale. These energy vectors produced by electrolysis, along with the heat and power from Hydrogen fuel cells, will deliver end consumer cost reductions whilst improved energy storage and distribution minimises carbon costs.
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